Hello and welcome to the Daniel Aaron Harris Creations site!!! I would love for you to look around and discover the many ways God has graciously enable to join in The Disability Movement. Growing up with Cerebral Palsy, it was important to have a family, school and Church around me that not only encouraged but challenged me to pursue my dreams. It through these young years that I learned to dream big. This ministry about allowing kids differently abled the same chance I had. So I invite you (big kids) to join me in creating world where all kids regardless of their abilities can dream big and live big.  

My Vision

Daniel Aaron Harris Creations uses art, imagination and media: to remind kids (ages 2-15) who are differently abled that they like me are uniquely gifted to pursue their own dreams alongside their parents, educators, and peers.

My Mission

it’s my hope that through these efforts, children differently abled would dream big, contribute to society and use their unique gifts. That the people around them might though the Gospel realize that those dreams are worth pursuing.