Daniel Aaron Harris

Hello my name is Daniel Aaron Harris I’m 40 and live in downtown Memphis. My mom and dad was told I had Cerebral Palsy at 6 months of age. The doctor said "he may never walk or talk” but God had other plans...

God allowed me to take my very first steps at 12, the next year Jesus Christ revealed himself to as my Savior and Lord. From then on I wanted to be a pastor and serve God in full time ministry. For the last 17 years I have done just that, as chaplain serving those in my neighborhood to a missionary in Amsterdam with Youth With A Missions to pastoring pastors though out the USA!

When I was younger my thought process was always to “try to be normal” and in do this I pulled myself away from being associated with the differently abled body community. It was then I met my dear friend Kelsey, Ike me she serves in full time ministry having a disability. Its though our conversations that I realized ( sometimes even provoked) that God was calling me stand and speak up for my own community.

I always loved making up stories and art but until my own self discovery that starting using it as a tool to inspire others to do the same.

I believe...

1.Everyone is designed to dream and pursue their dreams... starting with our kids...

2. Everyone regardless of their ability was created with a dream worth pursuing.

This is why I wrote my first book "Bobby Blue And Ruby Red" in 2007 and wrote 6 more after that!

As I began this phase of ministry will you join? Together we can teach everyone regardless of your ability we are all Created, Called, Connected and Commissioned.


Facts about Daniel

  1. Diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at 6mos
  2. Begin walking at 12 yrs
  3. Graduated at the top of his class in 2002 from Shrine School
  4. Earned his biblical studies certificate in 2002
  5. Started Fallen Walls in 2002 where daniel continues to serve downtown neighbors today
  6. 2007 he wrote his first children’s book
  7. In fall of 08 - spring 09 Daniel served as a missionary in ywam New York
  8. Part of Christian Community Development Association Leadership cohort 4
  9. Has a bachelors degree in biblical studies from MCUTS
  10. Currently pursuing his Doctorate in Ministry from Western Theological Seminary