Imagine adults in 20 years saying “I’m where I am now because my parents, teacher or church member read me a book about a hero who were differently abled just like I me!"

Or imagine church leaders who are differently abled who plant churches and become missionaries.

Through these ministries I believe it will begin to create affirmation, conversation and transformation.

My Art

By engaging the art culture I can help people in the way they think and view people who may just have different abilities. I have various art shows through out the year. My art range in mediums as well subject matter. Browse my art through my website and you can purchase through ETSY:

My Books

Back in grade school one of our project was to write and make a book. Little did I know that I would rerelease “The Sun And Moon” as part of my children’s books collection! In 2007 I wrote and published my first book called, "Bobby Blue And Ruby" under Bobby Blue Books. I became hooked and have writing children’s books ever since. My desire is to put these books in hands of as many kids as possible.

(Books for bigger kids like all us coming soon)

Ways to join me

  1. Host a Bobby Blue House party, where I share with your friends and their kids about all these amazing characters.
  2. Buy books and donate - I want to not only sell but give books away.
  3. Invite me to come to your Sunday school class or school. (Puppets could be involved)

Check out my books on

Author's Page

My Blog

I started this blog as a platform to discuss issues disabilities and this people group that a lot of times over look. I'm just one man with Cerebral Palsy but I have voice that need to be heard. Check it out here:

My Time

In order to have a heart for those who have different abilities then you, it’s just with friendship across abilities. For the last 15 years I have pastored, consulted, and just hung out with many. I believe that by showing you my weaknesses and walk with you in yours we experience wholeness together. God has blessed me with close friendships all over world who now stand with people different than them all because We took the time to become friends.

If you want to hang out with me you can schedule some time using Doodle here:

My Help

I would love to come and speak your next event! I spoken at churches, youth groups, forums, conferences and can do workshops. Some of my topics include...

  • Disability and Church
  • Disability history
  • Missions
  • Ministering in the city

If you would like to me about discipleship, Disability consulting or you just need to talk please contact me or book me for your next event!