I Am Grateful for the Partners who Serve with Me

The partners that believe that children differently abled not only have value but also realizes that that truth needs to be broadcasted to the world are very important. Thanks to them for standing with me as I do the same for others. Together we can make sure that people differently abled always has a place at the table! I am grateful to have the partners who have given me a voice to help others learn who are differently abled in their communities to their unique gifting to contribute in society.

Richard Reeves

Daniel, with his physical disabilities, has more reasons than most to not be joyful. Yet, his joy and love for life is contagious. I've never been with Daniel where I didn't come away encouraged, and there is never a doubt as to the source of his joy. It is derived from the deep and real hope of Jesus' love for him. 

Matthew Watson

I have known Daniel Harris for over a decade and have witnessed first hand the unique ways that God has gifted Daniel as a minister. Daniel's passion for life, for the city, for the Lord and those on the margins is evident in the way that he lives, writes and in his art. When Daniel preaches, he uses his sharp wit and disarming personality to match his brilliant mind in articulating a faith in Christ that truly comforts the afflicted and afflicts the comfortable with the power of the good news. 

For anyone wanting to go deeper in their faith and especially those wanting to care for those on the margins of society, Daniel is a true and steady companion. 

Charlie Shaw

For years I’ve had serious problems with my eyesight and other related difficulties like light sensitivity and chronic headaches.  For years these issues have greatly shaped my life by limiting my abilities and affecting my decisions.  For years I worked hard to hide these things from public view because I was embarrassed and felt shame about them, even after I received a formal diagnosis concerning my condition.  For years I was angry with God, made fun of myself, and lived in denial.  Then one night my friend Daniel Harris let me have it!  He called me to the mat in love, friendship, and authority, confronting me for refusing to submit my disability to Christ and the power of the gospel.  God used Daniel that night to help break down walls that I had built around my heart, and teach me how to find strength in my weakness, surrendering my disability to him for his glory, which has been a wonderful life-giving journey that I’m still on today. Also, Daniel has been with me every step of the way, continuing to encourage and walk with me as I learn to trust God in weakness as well as strength. 

Shaun Payne

I have known Daniel for ten years and I have watched him grow more in love with Jesus and others and in this he has taught me more about both. The first time I met him he was loving a group of homeless men in downtown Memphis and teaching them about Jesus through the scriptures. His passion to reach and empower all people in their weakness and allow God to use his strength through them. He really loves all people. I have seen the Lord empower him and use him to empower others. He has taught me to be honest with my own weaknesses and lean into to them so I might learn to believe and follow Jesus through a real dependence on him and not my supposed strength. He loves God, He loves others, he loves the city of Memphis and I am glad to serve along side of him. He continues to walk with me weekly teaching me to see all people in the power, grace, and beauty of the gospel of Jesus. I love him and will continue to support him and I am privileged to serve along side of him. 

Kelsey Martin

Daniel Harris is starting a healthy conversation about the value of people with disabilities that needs to be had in homes across America. His stories invite questions about the things that make each of us uniquely different, while emphasizing parts of the human experience that connect us all, as well. There is a need for stories like these to be told that create opportunities for children and adults alike, to openly wrestle with some of the unspoken discomfort that can come when we see someone who is different from us. I am grateful for Daniel’s voice and the way he is lovingly inviting others to join the conversation with his creativity.

Noel Castellanos

One of the most neglected and unappreciated group of individuals in our world are men and women with physical disabilities. The reality is, that God has a great love and concern for our brothers and sisters who may live with these limitations in this world, but who are filled with love, passions and abilities that we all need to be whole. Daniel Harris is one of the most committed and brilliant men I know, who is called to minister the love of God to others who like himself may have some physical limitations, but who is fully alive and ready to formalize his ministry to others who are often invisible in our society. I highly endorse my brother and his ministry.